To generalise or not to generalise.

thY7I0AW3G.jpgIs that a GS or a GSX?

Generalisation is a bad idea. It offends too many people. Many will argue they don’t fall in that specific group & that the observation is incorrect. Unfortunately, you might be right but you’ll still be guilty by association.

Let me begin by saying that all adventure bike riders are reckless & rude. I know this is not true but many are and in the eyes of the cage driver you are guilty by association. How many times do you say “stupid car” or “idiot driver”? Car drivers probably say “look at this idiot biker” more than you think. The problem with this is that motorists think all bikers are the same & therefore guilty by association. Most cage drivers couldn’t tell a BMW GS1200 from a Suzuki GSX-R.

Now, back to my comment on the adventure bike rider. Many moons ago it was the sport bike rider that was seen as the suicidal nuisance on public roads, going too fast & making too much noise. These days it seems to be the dual-purpose rider carrying the flag for stupidity. Just this morning I was cut off in traffic by a large adventure bike. Clearly my sport bike was going too slow in peak-hour traffic for his liking. This lead to me think that maybe the same sport bike riders from many moons ago are now riding adventure bikes. How else would you explain the flat out acceleration & dangerous maneuvers? They obviously miss the performance they once had on their sport bikes. They are also quite rude. Not just to cages but even other bikers. Can you blame them though? I’d also be in a bad mood if the missus made me sell my sports bike for a “safe & sensible” adventure bike. I bet she tested the pillion seat before you rode it off the showroom. “Just think of all the places we can visit, together” she said. Since then her pillion experience includes, & is limited to, that ride to the Wimpy down the road.

I’ve never owned an adventure bike but I think it would be safe to assume it’s not a good idea to ride with too much vigor on the road. I doubt the adventure tyres & suspension would be as good as the sport bike your wife “persuaded” you to sell.

So, if you are an adventure or dual purpose rider & you think you don’t fall in this group, asses your riding & then decide if you could do anything different. If I’m wrong then it doesn’t matter either, you are still guilty by association.





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