Bike Night


Good bye, winter. Hello Spring. What could be better than welcoming Spring with Bike Night. What is bike night? As the title might suggest it involves bikes & it’s at night. Clever, don’t you think? Our friends at Superbike Magazine South Africa are clever guys, obviously for coming up with such a genius name & arranging the event once a month.

As usual the entire network of biking mates was invited. Who can be too busy to hang out with mates & ride bikes on a Thursday night? Pretty much everybody, it seems except the trusty Kruger clan. So, off I went with Kruger Snr & Kruger Jnr in search of new friends. Our first stop was a dealership near Kyalami & here we made no friends. The sun was setting & they didn’t appear to have lights or electricity or staff so we left. The next stop was the RAD man cave & here we were surrounded by people who rode bikes with their mates on a Thursday night. How nice to be surrounded by likeminded people. I was sure this was the right place to find new friends.

Not long after arriving it was time to hit the road, superbikes, cruisers, adventure bikes all roaring down the road together. We stopped on Mandela bridge & met up with a few Ducati riders. I’d like a friend with a new Panigale, maybe he’d let me ride it. By this time the group grew to enough bikes to line the entire length of the bridge. This made it very difficult to have a private pee. I’m not sure how patriotic it would be to whizz off a bridge named after a national icon, till somebody pointed out that our taxes paid for it & since he owns a piece would have no problem if anybody needs to “go”. Still, I prefer privacy. From here the ride through downtown Johannesburg was very interesting. Most people would not go there, least of all on a motorcycle. The CBD has a bad reputation but I need new friends & was willing to risk it. By now not a single Kruger got lost or broke down. Unbelievable I know, almost as unbelievable as the sound of 100+ motorcycles roaring between the buildings of the city.

Market-On-Main was alive with people. We made our way through the crowd from one food stall to the next in search of beer & burgers. It is phuza Thursday & Kruger Jnr needs beer. I pass a group of youngsters & couldn’t help hear the conversation. One girlie says to her mates while pointing to a stall “how about this ummm, these ummm sub like thingies”. I couldn’t help but reply “it’s called a boerewors roll”. Most people would be rolling with laughter at this point but I was not. If a tree falls in the woods but nobody is around to hear it did it make a sound? If I made a funny at a market & no mates were around to hear it did it actually happen?

Did we make new friends? Yes, we did. His name is Stu & he sells bike spares but you’d know this if you rode your bike on Bike Night.

The end







One thought on “Bike Night

  1. Great “cultural” experience to visit downtown Jozi on a bike at night – even the Metro cops were stunned at 100+ motorcycles flying through the red lights! Never knew how vibrant & alive this part of the city has become – locked in suburbia for the past 23 years.


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