The 1960’s future has arrived


If you are old enough to remember movies like BladeRunner, MadMax & A clockwork orange chances are the looks of this bike gives you a certain feeling of DejaVu. You have no idea why but it stirs something, right? You see, back in the 60s & 70’s there were many movies & TV shows set in the future, their future. Back to the future II is a perfect example. It was released in 1989 & the story was set in 2015, their future. Most designers obviously have an idea of the future & this MV looks like it was designed in the 60s for a movie set in 2020. Picture 80’s Harrison Ford as Batman riding this through Gotham City.

Now that you understand why this bike reminds you of Buck Rodgers or Knight Rider let’s talk about this machine. Firstly, it’s an MV Agusta & that should be obvious unless you’ve been living in Smallville. Secondly, Its designed by Italian design house Zagato & that’s a good thing. They are responsible for pretty Aston Martins & a few other nice looking cages. MV has not had much change on their F4 sportbike since the 90’s. It’s still a good looking machine but maybe it is time to go back to the 60’s idea of what 2017 will look like.

No tech spec has been revealed yet but does any of that matter when the package looks this good. Go back in time & tell your 10-year-old self you’d rather drive a mini-van. Be Batman, always be Batman



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