Friday beauty



Friday beauty? I’m not sure beauty is the correct word to use for this machine; it’s not beautiful as the heading might suggest. Friday brute, perhaps? It started life as Kawasaki H2R & evolved into something more savage. Friday beast? The French freaks at AD Koncept (ADK) I suspect might be heavy drug users. How else would you explain the thought of this machine? No sane or sober person would dream of it.

Recently we witnessed Keenan Sufoglu reach 400km/h on a H2R. I’d like to see him try that on this naked bike with its wide handles & upright riding position. In the H2 family this is the sumo wrestler cousin, stripped to expose its muscles. It will undoubtedly be bringing a tyre iron or crowbar into the ring. I don’t think the current king of the ring, the KTM Superduke 1290 would want a match. The Superduke might want to bring a spade to this fight. Not as a weapon but to scrape it’s pieces together once the Japanese sumo is done working it over.

Streetfighters are not meant to play by the rules & this certainly does not. This beast could be dangerous, best leave it caged & admire from a distance.


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