Friday beauty


When you saw the heading “Friday beauty” you probably expected a centrefold babe caressing the saddlebags of a new cruiser. If that’s what you prefer then you can use cash to persuade a strip club “beauty” to show you her saddlebags. I much rather prefer to visit a bike shop & feast my eyes on the exotic beauties found there. Unlike your Springs stripper with the fake accent this beauty is a real import. This Italian stunner is the Ducati 1299 Panigale S Anniversario.

She is classy & exclusive so she’ll need more convincing than a few SA Rands to show you her carbon-fibre goodies. You will need deep pockets to persuade this beauty to come home with you. With the state of the South African Rand I could just as well be 10 years old again staring at a poster of a Lamborghini Countach on my bedroom wall. Make her feel uncomfortable by staring too seductively & she’ll disappear very quickly thanks to 205bhp on tap. Alone time in a dark corner will be impossible thanks to lightweight Marchesini wheels & active Ohlins suspension. Should you be lucky enough to see one in the flesh please don’t wave cash in her face, rather enjoy this beautiful photo,


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